Account Request

Emory University Personnel

If you already have a valid Emory University NetID, please click here to request an Enterprise Account

New Emory University Personnel Without a Valid University NetID

After you attend employee orientation, you can obtain an Emory NetID. Once you have an Emory NetID, please follow the instructions above in the Established Emory Personnel section. If you are in the process of being hired as an Emory employee and do not yet have your NetID please DO NOT request a sponsored account. Please contact your HR department and have them start the process for creating your university NetID. Once the university NetID has been created please follow the instructions above in the Established Emory Personnel section.

Non-Emory University Personnel

If you are not an Emory University faculty, staff or student, and you need access to Elements, Enterprise, or both you will need to request a sponsored account. Once you have a sponsored Emory University account, please follow the instructions above in the Emory University Personnel section.

In order to obtain a sponsored account (the first step in getting access) the principal investigator of the protocol, one of the study coordinators or someone else on the PI's staff will need to sponsor the account (the sponsor must be a full time Emory employee). Once the account is established, the sponsor will receive your account information to send to you. Once you have your Emory NetID and Password, please follow the instructions in the Emory University Personnel section above. More information and instructions about Sponsored Accounts and who is eligible may be found here.

For contact purposes we will use your Emory email account. If you do not wish to use your Emory account, please contact the Emory University Helpdesk at 404-727-7777 and they can provide instructions on how to forward your Emory email to another address.

Unaffiliated IACUC Members (also known as community members) will be sponsored by the IACUC Office.