1. Adverse Events Report Form

The IACUC is under a federal mandate to monitor all research activities related to animal use. To assist the IACUC in fulfilling this requirement, all suspected Adverse Events (AE) should be reported at the time of the event in a timely manner. This include a verbal or email report of the adverse event to the IACUC within 72 hours followed by a written report within 10 business days. Reporting of potential AEs can be made to an Emory/Yerkes veterinarian, the IACUC office, or anonymously via the Emory Trust Line. An optional report form is available on the IACUC website.

Adverse Event is the occurrence of an unforeseen event that negatively impacts the welfare of research animal(s), involving pain, distress, and/or death of the animal. By definition, AEs are not identified as potential risks or outcomes in the approved IACUC protocol.

2. Controlled Substance and Dangerous Drug Record Forms

The Office of Compliance offers a number of forms to assist investigators in the Emory research community conducting research using Controlled Substances or Dangerous Drugs. Usage records of Controlled Substance AND Dangerous Drugs must be kept to remain in compliance with state and federal laws.